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Temporary Tattoos

Karina provides professional temporary tattoos for production, parties, and other events using a variety of methods including air-brushed tattoos, metallic flash tattoos, mica powder tattoos, hand-painted tattoos, as well as custom stencils.

Client Quotes

"Karina and her team are such a pleasure to work with! Young or old, big or small her presence is warm and welcoming. She has so much fun working with people and the look from their faces after their hair/face/or henna artwork is done is awesome!! Kids run around showing off their artwork wishing they can wear it forever. Even at some of our adult parties, party people line up quickly, while dancing in line, to get a fake tattoo or a funky hairdo.

"Whenever I get a chance, I work with Karina; I know our clients are going to be happy and excited to use her services again! Thank You"

-DJ Pasha Gonzalez - Los Angeles

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