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Glitter, Glam, & Bling

Karina's glitter & glam make-up services are a hit with kids AND adults for parties, event guest entertainment, and private sessions. Glamour Makeup include eye adornment, party lashes, airbrush lips designs, festival designs, glitter tattoos, and more. Nail art includes decals, hand painted designs, rhinestones, and more. Karina has a large assortment of custom eyelashes for a truly stunning look. Hair services include Hollywood style tinsel hair extensions, colored hair spray, glitter, and patterned airbrushing for boys and girls.

Client Quotes

"The mask for the private party was such a huge success! I am actually glad I had your cards with me otherwise I would have been mobbed. I handed out all of them but 2 and enjoyed the huuu and haaaa! It was so much fun!

"Thank you for your attention and patience and incredible talent! I really hope to see you soon again when the occasion arises! Now I know where to find you!"

A.B.- Beverly Hills

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