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Karina has been back-stage, on-set, and even on-camera making guest appearances. Over three-decades of experience in Los Angeles has made her the go-to for Hollywood. Her artwork is featured in television, commercials, music videos, advertising campaigns, event entertainment, and live demonstrations.


Kris Jenner

Guest Appearance

Karina made a guest appearance on the Kris Jenner Show to pit Kris and her co-host Summer in a body painting battle.


Spike TV / Universal

Television Commercial

This three-part commercial campaign for Ted 2 included a lot of custom tattoo work. Not only did Karina design and paint the little Ted tattoos, she also did the airbrushed arm tattoos on the actor playing the artist, as well as the full-torso tiger tattoo for the biker.


Katja Glieson

On-set Body Painting

Karina provided aboriginal body paint for Katja, backup dancers, and didgeridoo player in the pop-icon's Ride the Wave music video.

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