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Karina Konupek

Artist - Healer - Mom

I have enjoyed creating art since I was a lil' girl, and I am grateful for a long lineage of artisans. With my art degree from CSUN, I have kept up with my interest of art in many different ways. After my 3 children, and my 2 nieces, I decided to use Face Painting and Body Artisrty as a way to combine all the things I enjoy and need in my life.

Now after thirty years, I am proud to say that I believe myself to be one of the most versatile artists around. I use my experience in the "industry" - from both sides- to my advantage; from my knowledge and comfort of working with people of ALL ages, to my life as a performer, to my life as a Personal Assistant to one of the TOP celebrities of our time. I understand and respect the requirements of all the "players" for an event to work well, enjoyably and professionally.

Recent Awards

WINNER "Crafty AF" Body Painting Challenge on Popsugar's Streaming Series
Outstanding Achievement in Special Makeup - Indie Short Fest - For "Not a Teacup"
Best Special Makeup - Indie Short Fest - For "The Beach"


SoCal Face Painters
West Coast Face Painters


Karina has professional trained with:
Mark Reid
Nick and Bryan Wolfe
Matteo Arfanotti
Wiser Oner
Emma Cammack
Jodi Carr
Marcella Murad
Lynn Jamieson
Gary Cole
Alison Kenyon
Annie Reynolds
Lilly Walters Schermerhorn
Heather Green

Client List

High Profile

Over three-decades of experience in Los Angeles has made Karina the go-to for Hollywood. She's provided event entertainment at private parties, after parties, and exclusive clubs. She's been face and body painting behind-the-scenes, on-set, and on-camera.
Seriously, check out her client list!

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