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Care and Removal Instructions for Face Paint

Care Instructions for Face Paint

To keep your body artistry looking beautiful, avoid rubbing or scratching the painted area. If you have an itch...tap. And avoid contact with water.

Removing Facepaint
Please do not use baby wipes. The rubbing alone can cause irritation of the skin. The best way to wash off water based face paint is as follows: Take liquid soap or lathered soap straight to the skin and rub the make up around the face. Use a wet soft rag or face sponge to wipe off the soapy makeup until the face is clean. Use products that the face is already use to. Any stubborn stains that remain… rub any gentle oil ( olive, jojoba, coconut) over the area, let sit for a few minutes and wash again.

Care Instructions for Temporary Tattoos

Do your best to keep from rubbing your artwork. For any itchy areas- simply tap instead of scratch. Keep your artwork away from Chlorine the best you can! (pools, showers, etc). PAT away any water that is on or near your artwork. At night, cover the design in tissue-paper wrapped with plastic wrap to keep the areas from smudging or rubbing off. (Body artwork & tattoos ONLY!! Do not put plastic on your face or children.)

Removing Temporary Tattoos
Ink or Glitter tattoos will fade over time, but to accellerate the process take 70% or 90% alcohol and rub it around the design. This will loosen the ink/ glue. Oil and lotion will do the same. RUBBING is the key.

Care Instructions for Henna

With proper care, your HENNA design can last two weeks to a month. For the best results, paste must remain moist and warm on the skin for at least two hours at a minimum!! The longer it remains, the darker your design will become. For overnight application, wrap the paste with tissue paper and gently mist it with lemon juice, water, hair spray and tape it in place.

To care for your design, gently apply an oil/lotion after each wash, shower, or if you tend to have dry skin - apply oil/lotion often (shea butter, coconut butter, wheat germ oil, olive oil, etc...all good).

Remove the paste by rubbing it with oil of any kind. Apply a vegetable based oil (such as olive) to the finished design. It will appear orange in color at first--over the next 48 hours it will darken considerably and reach its peak color.

Avoid washing with soap for the first day, do not apply sunscreen to your Henna.

Before and after showering, apply lotion, pat dry over the design- do not rub-

Avoid swimming pools. Chlorinated water will remove your henna design quickly!

PAT away any water that is on or near your artwork.

Removing Henna
To speed the removal of a henna design, EXFOLIATION is the key. Use salt or sugar scrubs and rub the area. However, be careful to not rub so hard that it creates an irritation.

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